Setting Up and Managing a Bug Bounty Program

This article talks about how to setup a bug bounty program and some of the pitfalls to watch out for.

ChatOps for Security Operations

Security operations require more collaboration, quick and sometime synchronous action. ChatOps is a perfect way to manage the minute-by-minute alerts, and take informed collaborative decisions.

Sybil Attacks, Detection and Prevention

Sybil attacks are named after a fictional character with dissociative identity disorder

Two Factor Authentication Methods and Technologies

A summary of all authentication methods in the context of 2FA. Prevalent technologies in each of the methods are also explained.

How To Install OpenVPN on Linux

This tutorial provides details of solutions available for the OpenVPN use cases and how to choose the right solution.

Introduction to BlockChain

This tutorial looks at blockchain's fundamental technology concepts and popular implementation platforms

Inspecting Network Traffic with tcpdump

Understand and learn the gory details of the network in real time using Tcpdump